Glazed interior partitions Mobile walls Partitions to production halls Fire partitions Wood-glass interior partitions Vertical flower and moss walls
Glass Partitions MiltDesign 2.0 Are Trendy and Practical

Glass partitions have been increasingly more popular in modern interiors. They are a clean, design solution and protect against unwelcome noise. All-glass partitions undoubtedly are one of the current trends in interior design.


Glazed interior partitions

Own development and production of prefabricated glass partitions with single or double glazing. Frameless glass walls, glazed partitions for atypical spaces.

Mobile walls

Quickly and easily divide any space – from a classroom to an exhibition space – and create smaller rooms. Moveable walls concurrently meet high requirements on design and soundproofness.

Partitions to production halls

Quick and easy assembly  with minimum environmental impact during the installation or the subsequent additional rearrangements.

Fire partitions

Fire partitions FireBo are fire-resistant, smoke-tight, and certified: soundproof, visual communication and design requirements.

Wood-glass interior partitions

Wood-glass partitions MiltWood - handmade wooden frames with glass panels, which bring brand new opportunities to the interior design and architecture.

Vertical flower and moss walls

Let nature into the interior. Flower walls and moss paintings GreenBo are an original and beneficial element for the microclimate of your space.


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