We change spaces to be more functional and comfortable with an emphasis on design.
We help people feel better in their interiors.

Jan Lepier
Director of Milt

My name is Jan Lepier and I am the "chief" of the team at the MILT company. My heart beats for sport. I am dedicated to triathlon and I try to train every day and in short, I live for sport. However, in addition to sports I love beautiful design and creating new things. Therefore, Milt was founded in 2006. 

Originally, I managed Milt with a long-time friend who led me to the idea of establishing the company. Initially we did all the work ourselves. Later our paths diverged, and now for a change I am managing the company alone. Luckily, I have a reliable team of people around me who I am constantly choosing to join the company. 

Since my youth, when I was an elite sportsman, I hold the same values that apply equally both in sports and business. The crew of an eight boat must always be one team. Success can only be achieved if you know exactly what the goal is and also assuming that the oarsman can bring the boat to the finish line.     

Currently, our objective is clear. Together, we develop, manufacture and install glass interior partitions, mobile walls, fire walls and wooden partition walls, additions to halls, green and moss walls . We change spaces to be more functional and comfortable. We help people feel better in their interiors. 

Together we will create a timeless design with exceptional comfort.

let's create
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