In 2006, MILT was founded to bring stylish and high-quality space solutions not only for offices but also for hotels, factories, halls, and other operations. In 15 years, it has undergone remarkable development and has consolidated its position in the construction market as a tireless innovator, precision manufacturer and design leader

Architects and developers are sought after for quality design products and their ability to find original solutions and design and manufacture it in their development centre. For several times now, MILT implementations have been part of the awarded projects in the Office of the Year or Office of the Year competitions.

Be innovative but realistic. Nowadays, it is necessary to be always prepared and able to react. When preparing a new project, but mainly during implementation, when another solution may be better and often needed. It is also an advantage for such circumstances to have a partner like MILT, whose development centre has experienced designers. MILT has its production halls and many non-traditional projects, which have proven to respond flexibly to new conditions and assignments.

MILT manufactures and assembles interior partitions of its systems, which combine glass with wooden or aluminium frames. The same benefits can be found in the category of sliding walls, the popularity and size of which are growing every year. Design and quality are also required by industrial plants, where MILT supplies partitions and entire custom installations, which companies value for quick, dust-free assembly.

A quality space solution also lies in functionality, acoustic and fire. Our partners also purchase MILT fire partitions and doors for their projects. The creative point is to complement the interior with our moss paintings or self-watering floral walls.

Together we will create a timeless design with exceptional comfort.

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