Glazed interior partitions

Own development and production of prefabricated glass partitions with single or double glazing. Frameless glass walls, glazed partitions for atypical spaces.

Mobile walls

Sliding walls allow you to efficiently create new designed variable spaces. They are an excellent choice for easy layout changes and providing acoustic insulation.

Bult-ins and partitions in halls, warehouses and operations

MilTech Pro built-ins and partitions meet the requirements for variability in the division of production and storage premises. They are a fast clean prefabricated building with excellent acoustic insulation.

Fire partitions

Glass fire barriers are fireproof, smokeproof and certified according to European standards. In addition, firewalls have an elegant design and allow visual communication.

Wood-glass interior partitions

Own development and manual production of interior partitions from wooden or aluminium frames covered with veneer. Large selection of profile decors and modifications of glass panels with single or double glazing.

Vertical flower and moss walls

Let nature into the interior. Flower walls and moss paintings GreenBo are an original and beneficial element for the microclimate of your space.

Together we will create a timeless design with exceptional comfort.

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