Glazed interior partitions


Frameless glazed walls with double glazing


Glazed frameless walls with single glazing


Adjustable partitions with vertical division

Intelligent Glass and Smart Blinds

We offer several shading technology options, from horizontal or vertical blinds of various materials and colours, through Japanese blinds to more modern shading with intelligent foils.

Modern office design often needs to combine elegance, acoustic insulation and functionality. We design and manufacture interior partitions with various modules - frameless glass walls, glazed partitions with aluminium columns, atypical glass partitions for dividing the room.

Whether you are planning a renovation or furnishing a new space, the choice of glass walls will elevate your interior by a class above. Glass partitions create an airy impression and lightness. Precise workmanship and ingenious details complete the overall representative effect. The advantage for the future is an easy change of layouts or replacement of modules.

We choose dividing partitions from various combinations of glazing and solid panels, frames with aluminium profiles or frameless glass walls, which we are the only ones who can sink into the perimeter walls and at the same time into the floor. It creates a perfectly frameless glass dividing wall. We use 100% safe tempered or glued glass, which can be clear, frosted or with a sandblasted or glued motif on request.

The soundproofing of the rooms is guaranteed by an acoustic glass partition with double glazing, whose airborne soundproofing is from 40 to 47 dB. The glass noise barrier thus ensures a high degree of acoustic sealing. MILT glazed interior walls have certificates, which we will be happy to show you.

Of course, some doors can be all-glass without a frame, glazed or wooden. We also supply shading technology for glass walls in the form of blinds. We can offer a large variant of glass, decors and fittings.

A significant advantage of MILT is the layout of a creative and reliable development centre. It is the developers who are behind the improvement of our products and proposals for solutions to non-traditional requirements and atypical projects. So if you have any project or idea, you can contact us, we will find a solution and process.

Together we will create a timeless design with exceptional comfort.

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