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Mobile walls will allow you to efficiently and tastefully create new variable spaces. They most often divide and connecting rooms. Sliding partitions can also create various floor plan shapes, bend and tie, and thus create separate functional units. Each panel is secured separately, and the entire sliding wall is stable, maximally safe, and the acoustic insulation achieves the properties of standard partitions.

Sliding partitions are an excellent choice if you need immediate and easy changes to the layout of the space. The great advantage of sliding walls in the interior is their 100% accessibility, suitable for all shops, offices, conference halls, schools and classrooms.

The modules can be all-glass made of single tempered glass with aluminium sealing profiles. They can be framed with solid walls of various materials or glazed with tall glass panels capable of replacing, for example, the entire wall.

The individual sliding panels are suspended on ball bearings. These panels guide in an aluminium rail, part of the ceiling structure, and no floor guide is required. When closed, the panels form a smooth dividing wall. Sophisticated rail systems and noiseless bearing trolleys ensure that parking and movement of the sliding walls are quiet and easy. The control panel is concealed and located on the module's vertical edge for standard modules and the side of the stop element for telescopic modules. The lockability of the sliding partition panels is a matter of course.

Parking spaces are manufactured in many forms so that it is possible to respond to customer or architect requirements optimally. We will design the walled parking to suit the room and the layout options.

Another advantage for easy passage through the mobile partition without the need to move the panels is the possibility of fitting the integrated door into the standard module. It is possible to use single or double doors, solid or glazed.

We supply sliding partitions in various surface colours: pastel colours, wood decors, metallic surfaces, natural veneer, or sandblasted or apparent safety tempered glass. Of course, it is possible to realize any sticker with graphic printing, or with coloured inner glazing foils or inserted decorative materials.

Mobile partitions meet the need for the required privacy and acoustic insulation, where they reach values from 38 dB to 58 dB at a module thickness of 120 mm. We perform adequate sound crosstalk at the point of contact between the partition and the ceilings for higher soundproofing.

Together we will create a timeless design with exceptional comfort.

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