Bult-ins and partitions in halls, warehouses and operations


Built-ins and control rooms

MilTech PRO

Partitions for halls and warehouses

Built-ins are an efficient and fast solution if you need to create a new separate space in a hall, warehouse or any operation. Whether you need to separate part of the production, set aside clean rooms or want a quiet area for employees, the built-ins meet the requirements and are a fast, clean prefabricated building with excellent acoustic insulation. The great advantage of built-ins is moving, rearranging, or expanding them.

We will design and supply single and multi-storey installations in halls and formal control rooms, including reliable load-bearing structures. Our system is variable, and we will tailor it to your purpose, adjust the installation size, and choose from variable modifications of the module walls. We will take care of sufficient acoustic insulation. We will supply skylights, stairs, windows and doors, which can be single-leaf or double-leaf operated manually or on a photocell.

MilTech Pro partitions for halls and warehouses allow easy and quick installation with minimal impact on the environment. The structure of industrial partitions is practically dust-free. It brings several advantages over conventional construction, either in lower implementation costs or minimal restrictions on operation in the workplace. The partition consists of visible aluminium profiles, internal hidden thin-walled steel profiles, solid and glazed panels. The choice of colours and types of stable fillings is enormous. The acoustic and wind insulation of Miltech Pro industrial partitions is a valuable element for your projects.

Together we will create a timeless design with exceptional comfort.

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