Fire partitions

FireBo frameless

Glazed firewalls with frameless glass connection

FireBo frame

Frame fire partitions with glass panes

Firewalls are used to protect places where there is a risk of fire. Firewalls separate the two fire sectors in buildings. By choosing glazed firewalls, you will gain the advantage of perfect lighting, preservation of visual communication, and a design solution without disturbing the interior, compared to classic steel fire barriers. We emphasize maximum visual connection during design and execution while meeting high fire criteria. The continuity and harmonization with the system glass walls from other MILT series is a matter of course.

All FireBo glazed walls meet all legal requirements for implementing fire shutters on the market in the Czech and Slovak Republics. Fire barriers are fireproof, smokeproof and certified according to European standards. Glass fire partitions have all the functional properties of standard MILT interior partitions. They meet high requirements for acoustic insulation, quality, elegant design and enable visual communication.

Firewalls are included in the category where higher fire resistance is required according to ČSN 730802 and 730804 than, for example, fire doors. FireBo firewalls can be frame-proof, meeting the fire resistance according to the thickness of the partition from EI15 to EI120 min, which applies to the FireBo 90 partition for fire on both sides. Frameless firewalls prevent the spread of fire according to certification from EI15 to EI60 min.

The door leaves can be delivered to the fire partition or separately to the opening. It is a single-leaf or double-leaf opening door with the possibility of a design with a skylight and side skylights. According to the client's requirements, the entry is further supplemented with accessories: drop bar, threshold profile, fittings, panic bar, self-closing, opening coordinator, openers, an electro-hydraulic drive of the wing doors, connection to EPS, etc.

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