Wood-glass interior partitions

MiltWood G-1

Wood-glass partitions with single glazing

MiltWood G-2

Wood-glass partitions with double glazing

MiltWood Aluminium 100 G-2

Double glazed aluminium partitions laminated with veneer

Wood-glass partitions bring a friendly element of nature to the modern division of space in wooden profiles, veneered posts or wooden doors. Wood and natural colours perfectly complement the elegant glass walls and the cosy interior. MiltWood wood-glass interior walls are made of a hand-made wooden frame with single or double glazing or an aluminium frame covered with veneer. The constructions excel in precise processing, excellent acoustic insulation and impact resistance.

Wood-glass walls are suitable for modern offices, representative spaces, and other places. The goal is to divide the room into different parts and ensure sufficient privacy, acoustic insulation, and bring cosy, light, and airiness to the interior.

The undeniable benefit of wooden partitions with glazing is the first impression evoking pleasant feelings and well-being. At the same time, the wood completes the luxurious, timeless appearance of the partition walls in the interior. Another advantage is the easy installation and the possibility to compensate for the inaccuracy of the construction opening thanks to the aluminium frame embedded in the mainframe made of wooden profiles. They also provide installing installations such as high current, low current, terminal elements MaR, VZT, etc.

We make MiltWood partitions by hand so that you can choose from a large number of finishes, colours and designs. Different types of veneer with a specific wood pattern allow you to integrate wooden partitions into almost any space. We are happy to meet individual requirements for veneer specifications. The standard surface treatment of veneers is a colourless varnish-deep matt. It is ideal for medium to high loads.

The standard glass panel can also be replaced by a solid panel, acting as an installation column or acoustic panel. The resulting appearance without visible anchors and joints gives the wood-glass walls an attractive, elegant effect.

You can also choose whether the door will be all-glass or wooden. The door leaf is installed in a wooden frame and can be colour-coded with the surface of wooden profiles or painted in any shade.

The functional properties of these walls with a wooden or aluminium frame is excellent acoustic insulation. Wooden partitions with double glazing thicknesses 10 millimetres reach a noise barrier with certified soundproofing of 42-45 dB. Veneer laminated aluminium frames with the same thickness offer acoustic insulation of up to 47 dB. You can thus rely on acoustic comfort and an undisturbed working environment. In addition, the entire system is complemented by modern locks, which can be magnetic, noiseless and do not cause unpleasant impacts. Our fittings also offer the possibility of opening with the touch of a finger.

Together we will create a timeless design with exceptional comfort.

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