Construction of company buildings

We provide complex construction in compliance with valid design documents with the quality, price and deadlines approved by the client in advance. With this solution our clients can benefit from delegation of full responsibility for the construction.

Foundations for the concrete skeleton

Pile foundations with monolithic cups for prefabricated concrete structures

Suitable for foundations:
  • in the case of low bearing capacity of the ground and high ground water level
  • of shops with large spans of the bearing skeleton or buildings with high operation load, e.g. a crane track.

Prefabricated cups for prefabricated concrete structures

The ferroconcrete footings are most often used for their high accuracy, quick assembly and economic way of founding. The prefabricated cups are transported to the construction site and assembled to their final position; the whole footing is then cast by concrete.


Foundations for steel structure

The foundation method depends on the load, reaction transmitted to the foundations and results of the hydro-geological survey. In majority of cases, steel skeleton is installed to concrete footings or concrete belts through the integrated steel pins.

Choice of the building structure depends on its future use. Optimal design of the building bearing structure can bring its user considerable savings on the acquisition cost, in course of operation and on the potential future change in use.

Steel structure

Prefabricated concrete structure

With respect to functionality, investment and stress on low operation cost, the best type of sheathing is designed for each building. Selected examples of sheathing by the KINGSPAN facade panels and the DOMICO rear ventilated facade.

To reduce energy intensity of the building, it is favourable to illuminate the shop by natural daylight. In shops dedicated to light assembly works, manufacturing and frequent layout changes of the goods inside, point or belt skylights are the most suitable form of illumination. The distribution and size of the skylights considerably affects intensity of the indoor illumination.

Point skylight
Skylight roofs
Skylight ceiling panels in the roof deck – favourable & economic alternative
The maintenance-free skylight ceiling panels are a part of the roof structure system.
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