Within the engineering, we offer our cooperation in elaboration of the base documents for drafts to issue a planning permission, building permission and/or public-law contract.

Production hall with office building - MILT, Popůvky 

  • Two-storey office building  and production hall
  • Production hall – single-storey layout 39.0 x 24.0 m; possible future extension by the second floor
  • Bearing structure: concrete skeleton BS1
  • Sheathing – type S2, S3 + ST2
  • Land area: 3 500 m2
  • Built up area: 1 450 m2
  • Construction duration: shell - 2 months, finishing crafts – 4 months
  • Investor: MILT s.r.o.
  • Year of construction: 2015
  • Investment cost: CZK 24.5 mil.

Warehouse with an office building - NEOX, Humpolec

  • Two-storey office and warehouse
  • Production shop - double-bladed layout 42,0 x 24,0 m
  • Bearing structure: steel skeleton OS1
  • Sheathing:  S1 + ST2
  • Land area: 3 000 m2
  • Built up area: 1 500 m2
  • Construction duration: shell – 2 months, finishing crafts – 3 months
  • Investor: MIG Partner s.r.o.
  • Investment cost: CZK 18 mil.

Efficient heating of shops, office buildings and industrial premises

Choice of the heating method in production or storage shops primarily depends on their type and use. In a cooled office building, considerable operation cost can be saved when combining a heat pump, floor heating and cooling ceiling elements (fan coil units, cooled ceilings).

The most economic way of heating in industrial shops

From the beginning, the operators face a question: how to operate the premises as economically as possible? The LoWaTec 2D industrial heating is an energy saving solution. As a low-temperature heating system, it greatly increases efficiency of the heat source. Cost of heat generation may be considerably reduced if the earth/water heat pumps (or residual heat from production processes) are used.

Floor heating – production shop

  • Floor heating of the shop is provided by the certified LoWaTec system using pipes of a greater profile and activation of concrete core without the bottom insulation slab reducing thus the investment cost.
  • With this system, 45 % of heating cost is saved compared to standard heating methods.
  • Floor piping may also be used for cooling.
  • Maximum heating comfort at the lowest operation cost.
Benefits of the system:
  • A no-maintenance heating system which requires zero service and overhead cost (regular service, gas inspection etc.).
  • Another advantage is the possibility to extend the heat source by a heat pump or FVE combined with the presently suggested gas boiler due to the use of a low-temperature heat potential.
  • Possibility to use the whole floor-to-ceiling height of the shop + freedom of move.
  • Favourable work climate.
  • Zero maintenance cost of the 2D heating system.

Floor heating – office building

  • The office part of the building is heated by floor heating; to increase comfort, heating ladders are installed in bathrooms. Pipes are installed on system slabs.
  • Annual savings on heating in office spaces amount to ca. 40 %.
Benefits of the system:
  • Possibility to extend the heat source by a heat pump or FVE combined with the presently suggested gas boiler.
  • Floor heating in office spaces ensures maximum heating comfort at the lowest operation cost.
  • Interior without radiators gives the architects free hand to arrange the offices by a system of movable glass partitions.
  • Easier maintenance of floors, no dust deposited in radiator bodies, larger useful area of rooms.

Heating by heat pumps

At present, heat pumps are the state-of-the-art heat source for heating, cooling and water heating. They can be used in public as well as commercial facilities. It is beneficial to consider them from the beginning of an investment intention. Correct design and choice of the most suitable type of a heat pump shall be dealt with at the very initial phases of a project. As a result, the decision will bring the investor the highest possible savings on implementation as well as the subsequent operation.
  1. Floor heating – office spaces
  2. Floor heating – production premises
  3. Energy pilots
  4. Bore holes for the heat pump
  5. Areal connectors
  6. Floor/ceiling heating/cooling – production premises
  7. Photovoltaic collectors
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