High requirements on variability of indoor spaces may be solved by the ESPERO mobile walls. The walls are made of glass, solid or partially glazed modules and may be completed by door segments. The modular wall system will allow you to easily change the layout with minimum cost.

Parameters of walls and inner partitions

Width of modules 450 - 1300mm 450 - 1293mm 450 - 1293mm
Height of modules (max) < 12000mm < 7000mm < 7000mm
Thickness of modules 100mm 110mm 120mm
Sound insulation 38/40/42/46/50/52/53/54/55 dB 38/40/42/44/47/50/52/54/56 dB 58 dB
Magnetic connection between contact vertical aluminum profiles Yes Yes Yes
Vertical connection of modules with visible aluminum profile Yes - -
Suspension of wall modules one-point and two-point one-point and two-point one-point and two-point
Height 25–47 kg/m2 30–56 kg 57 kg
Module locking electric; manual electric; manual electric; manual
Module shift manual manual manual

Parking of modules

Vertical connection of acoustic full modules

Espero SONICO 100
  • Standard design
  • Connection of modules with visible aluminum vertical profi le (standard: natural anodization)
  • Wall thickness 100 mm

Espero SONICO 110/120
  • Modern design
  • Connection of modules without visible profi le
  • Wall thickness 110/120 mm

Parking of modules

Solid modules

As a standard, the Espero SONICO partition system is manufactured with lamino finish and internal insulation    (pastel colours or wood-like finish). Upon request, veneer or metallic finish can be provided. Standard glass modules are supplied with safety glass.

Advantages of use

  • Very quick layout changes of the interior
  • High soundproofness of the walls
  • Excellent design
  • Quick and dust-free assembly of the walls
  • Modules may include single or double leaf doors

Standards, Optimum wall design

The minimum required sound insulation performance of the wall partition structures installed in the buildings is governed by the standard ČSN 730532:

School and educational institutions

Classrooms, tutoring spaces, staircases, public areas
W = 47 dB
Noisy spaces (workshops, dining rooms)
W = 52 dB

Office and administration buildings - offices

Offices and studies with normal administration activity, staircases, auxiliary rooms
W = 37 dB
Offices with increased demands, management offices
W = 45 dB
Offices and studies for confi dential negotiations or other activities requiring protection from loud noise
W = 50 dB
Sliding walls with laboratory sound insulation levels for 4–8 dB higher than required in the installation sites (individual solution respecting the individual project) are recommended to compensate for the spread of sound throughout secondary routes in the buildings. At the same time, the spread of sound throughout secondary routes must be eliminated already in the stage of design.

Wall Sonico

Basic wall modules SONICO

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