Espero VISIO 100

The Espero Visio 100 glass walls are composed of several glazed modules and the wall meets the highest possible requirements on soundproofness and exclusive design. The system allows quick dividing of a space while maintaining maximum visual communication.

Parameters of walls and inner partitions

Width of modules 700 - 1300mm 700 - 1300mm
Height of modules (max) 2 000 – 3 500 mm 2 000 – 3 500 mm
Thickness of modules 107mm 107mm
Sound transmission loss (Rw) 42/46/48/50 dB 42/46/48/50 dB
Magnetic connection between contact vertical aluminum profiles Yes Yes
Suspension of wall modules one-point and two-point one-point and two-point
Module locking manual manual
Module shift manual manual

Advantages of use

  • The VISIO 100 system gives the impression of a seamless wall without frames and finishes
  • The wall can be complemented by single or double leaf doors
  • Horizontal blinds inside the double glass maybe controlled by a small wheel

Folding the moduls

Axonometric projection

Axonometric projection

Basic wall modules VISIO 100 / VISIO 100 ELITE

visio 100
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