The MiltPro modules allows you to build a new working space (not only) in a production hall. Speed of the assembly and the modular design allow for easy changes and the price is also very favourable. If in future you need a change, they can easily be rearranged.

Height arrangement of MiltPro built-in units

Single deck

Built-in unit located in a hall or storage area allows improving working environment of workers whose work requires working at a quieter environment while maintaining contact with the production area. In the case of a requirement to significantly reduce noise levels in the interior office, we can supply walls and ceiling in the design which meets stricter values. The surface of office ceiling can be practically used for storage of lightweight materials, too.

Elevated control centre

Using a reinforcing steel construction it is possible to create a new office space while using the floor space in the hall to the maximum extent at the same time. The built-in unit always includes a single or double staircase giving access to a raised floor. The higher level of the office will allow better control and overview for employees sitting in the built-in area giving them better way of controlling chat happens in the production or storage area.


In the case of requirement to maximize the use of built-in floor space, it is preferable to build the office in more levels. Reinforcing construction can be either visible or hidden. The two-deck built-in unit always includes minimally one access-giving single or double staircase. Walls of the built-in unit are made of modules with the function of noise insulation which meets the required parameters. Reinforcing construction can be either visible or hidden.

Location of built-in unit in the facility

Parameters of walls and inner partitions

Width of modules standard 100 - 1200mm standard 100 - 1200mm
(up 1500mm)
single 700, 800, 900 mm
double 1600-3000mm 
Height of modules <= 4500mm <= 7000mm 2100; 2500; 3000; 3500mm
Partition thickness 100mm (Rw ≤ 49 dB)
170 až 230mm (Rw ≥ 48 dB)
Sound transmission loss (Rw) 42 dB, 45 dB 44 dB; 49 dB (up 52 dB) 19 dB; 22 dB; 32 dB; 40 dB


Technical description

The MiltPro modular built-in unit consists of reinforcing construction, external and interior wall modules, roofing and flooring with integrated glass windows and door modules. The reinforcing steel construction consists of purlins, columns and auxiliary small purlins.

Wall modules: are made of visible aluminium profiles, hidden inner thin-walled steel elements, full and glazed panels.

Aluminium profiles: natural anodized finish or RAL, Tiger metallic colours 

  1. Full wall panels: gypsum or fermcell wall boards with laminated Durafort foil (250 colours), laminated boards (pastel colours and wood decors, veneered boards, metallic surfaces, with inner sound insulation.
  2. Glazed wall panels: clear double or single glazing unit. Sanded panels or covered with matt or colour foils, glass with white or coloured electroluminescent diodes.
  3. Doors: single or double-hung (with head panel), sliding manually as well as a proximity sensor, swing doors. Production in standard sizes; can also be atypical. For single doors axial module width 915 mm (doorway width 800 mm), for double doors axial module width 1,715 mm (doorway width 1,600 mm)
    Widths of wall modules: standard full and glazed modules in widths of 600, 1,000, 1,200 mm, on request can be up to 1,500 mm, with glass walls of horizontal division up to 2,500 mm. On customer request.
    Joining of modules: The modules are joined with a hidden vertical thin-wall profile V-Beam with virble vertical aluminium profile 35 mm wide. To reinforce an internal bracing grid the vertical V-Beams are reinforced by hidden internal H-Beams.
    Inter-glass blinds: horizontal controlled by wheel, cord (chain), with electric control, possibility of remote central control, controlled by rod + cord.
    Fittings: on customer request, split stainless steel knobs as standard, handle - handle.
    Lock: HOBES as standard, electromechanical Abloy or Befo lock on customer request.
  4. Ceiling: On customer request for load bearing capacity (can be also used a storage space) and sound insulation the optimal mix of ceiling is designed.
  5. Floor + ceiling: On customer request for load bearing capacity and sound insulation the optimal mix of ceiling, including trafficable covering (PVC, load carpet) is designed.
  6. Floor: On customer request in PVC flooring, wooden or laminate floating flooring). The stainless steel floor incl. inner wall surfaces for built-in units requesting high cleanliness of internal environment.

Staircase: Steel single or double-flight stairs (as per project specifications). The RAL surface finishes (possibly hot-dip
galvanized). Walking surfaces designed either as grates, tear sheets, possibly wood. Metal railings with standard column of 1,000 mm height (jäkl 40 x 20 mm, O 40 mm), RAL colour.

Basic wall and door modules

Configuration of Milt partition walls (selected)

Configuration of floor structures (vertical sections)

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