MilTech for production halls and warehouses

The MilTech partitions to production halls and warehouses enable quick and easy assembly with minimum environmental impact during the installation or the subsequent additional rearrangements. The assembly is nearly dust-free with many benefits compared to traditional construction process.

MilTech partitions to production halls and warehouses

Different production or storage areas may easily be divided by mobile module walls. With the internal modular structure made of rigid thin-walled profiles, the walls may be up to 6 m high without any additional stiffening structure. The walls may include double-leaf sectional door 3 x 3.5 m. In future, the partitions may easily be rearranged to a new layout. The partitions are highly favoured in existing shops where new walls cannot be built by the traditional construction process which moreover generates a lot of dust.

Parameters of walls and inner partitions

Width of modules standard 100 - 1200mm standard 100 - 1200mm
(up 1500mm)
single 700, 800, 900 mm
double 1600-3000mm 
Height of modules ≤ 4500mm ≤ 6000mm 2100mm; 2500mm; 3000mm; 3500mm
Partition thickness 100mm (Rw ≤ 47 dB)
170 až 230mm (Rw ≥ 48 dB)
Sound transmission loss (Rw) 42 dB, 45 dB 44dB, 46dB, 47dB (up 52dB) 19 dB; 22 dB; 32 dB; 40 dB

Advantages of use

  • Quick and dust-free assembly of partitions
  • Easy layout rearrangement in the future
  • In future, glass modules may be easily replaced by solid ones
  • In case of future changes, only labour cost is to be paid
  • Great attention paid to details and craftsmanship

Basic wall and door modules

Configuration of Milt partition walls (selected)

Configuration of floor structures (vertical sections)

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