With the MilTech partitions, you can easily create interiors which meet the highest requirements on top design and allow for simple future changes in the interior layout while maintaining high level of acoustic comfort.

Module dimensions

  • Height: 2000 – 6000 mm
  • Width: standard solid and glass modules 100 to 1200 mm; according to the material and customer's requirement, width up to 2000 mm; width of glazed walls with horizontal segmenting up to 3000 mm – as requested by the customer
  • Partition thickness: 100 mm
  • Door: single-leaf, double-leaf, sliding, swing, automatic
  • Solid modules: plasterboards with vinyl foil (250 colors), laminated boards (pastel colours and wood-like finish), veneered boards, metallic finishes with internal insulation.
Module width 100 - 1200mm 100 - 1200mm (up 2500mm)
Partition height <= 4500mm (up 7000mm) <= 4500mm (up 6000mm)
Partition thickness 100mm  
Soundproofness (Rw) 44dB, 46dB, 48dB (až 56dB*) 42dB, 45dB**
Vertical joint of modules with visible aluminium profile  Yes Yes
Vertical joint of modules with visible aluminium profile  is possible is possible***
*partition thickness 170-250 mm, **according to the used pane, *** system MiltDesign

Module panelling & glazing

The MilTech partition system offers a wide range of colours and finishes. The design can be chosen from solid modules of pastel-colour laminates, vinyl foils, natural veneer or metallic finishes. Glass modules are supplied with internal blinds, tinted colored glass sheets matte or colour foil, as the customer requires.

Advantages of use

  • High level of interior design with glass walls
  • Quick and dust-free assembly of partitions
  • Simple future change in the layout
  • Possibility to replace the glass partitions by solid ones in the future
  • In case of future changes, only the labour cost is to be paid

Basic partition and door modules

Door with full glass segments

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