says Jan Lepier, CEO of Milt. In 2020, after substantial organizational changes, he became the sole director of the company. In the same year, Milt was hit by the coronavirus crisis, like many other companies.

In 2021, the company faced a massive cyber attack. In spite all of this, Jan Lepier did not throw away the years of effort and experience and carries on pushing with his team. And they have still managed to stay at the top in the field of glass partitions. That is what we call a hard reboot!

You say you don’t worry about competition. Why do you think you are better than others?

We try to work differently. Better. Thanks to our team, to which I am extremely grateful for all their hard work, we can improve even the tiniest details and maintain the tradition of Milt development and production. That is very important to us. We are capable of bringing together the most demanding requirements of architects concerning design and those of the clients concerning function. We can manufacture and fit everything necessary. Plus we always try to be a step ahead of the competition and keep developing ever newer and more perfect products. 

The MiltDesign 2.0.  partition system is one of your hottest innovations. How is it different from other partition wall systems? 

MiltDesign 2.0 is an improved version of our original MiltDesign partition wall system. We consider the clean connection of the frame to the glass to be its greatest advantage. The solid design of glass partitions creates an atmosphere of luxury and style, and the whole interior becomes even more airy and modern. Our priority is to always come up with a solution that will be not only functional but also aesthetically perfect and as simple as a puzzle. 

Natural materials are becoming more and more popular in interior design. Do you also follow this trend?

We do. Glass partitions themselves feel very elegant for sure. However, if you combine glass with a natural material, the whole space is completely transformed. It comes alive. Our GreenBo moss and green walls are very popular with our customers now. Apart from beautiful design, they also help reduce noise levels and clean the air. Yet they require minimum care. And then, of course, there is wood and our MiltWood wooden glazed partitions, which make every space warmer, elegant and luxurious. We manufacture this system in our plant in Popůvky u Brna. 

Last year brought some significant changes to you. How much did these changes affect Milt and its vision for the future?

2020 was a hard reboot for us. Many things changed in Milt, which made me realize a lot and also made me decide to do some things differently. We have been digitalizing all business processes, we have set clear priorities and started to build new and more solid foundations of the company. Life has taught me to accept challenges and find something good in each unpleasant experience. I believe that everything that happened to us in recent years and is happening now, will eventually make us stronger. We keep trying to push forward, to develop and to improve ourselves. Our goal for the future is clear. Carry on manufacturing, executing and developing our products together and being successful. Both in the competitive market and inside the company. That’s what we want.

Together we will create a timeless design with exceptional comfort.

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