Glass Partitions MiltDesign 2.0 Are Trendy and Practical

Glass partitions have been increasingly more popular in modern interiors. They are a clean, design solution and protect against unwelcome noise. All-glass partitions undoubtedly are one of the current trends in interior design.

Thanks to them, the space – at home or in the office – can be divided in an elegant and airy way. No complicated partitions, demolitions, dust. To achieve perfect results, there is also Miltdesign 2.0 available on the market, a double glazing system with joints without vertical columns. It is unique for its solid design, visually there is only aluminium and glass without any edge covers and with minimum joints. Thus the partition is all glass, free of any disturbing elements.

 Design and Recyclable

Installation is a big plus of the Milt system offered by modern interior specialists. It is fast, dust-free and simple. If you decide to change the layout in the future, you don’t need to worry about complicated work.

Miltdesign 2.0 introduces double glazing with 10 or 12 millimetre thickness and ESG/VSG glass. The use of safe materials is a must; apart from glass, these include aluminium, wood and wood-based materials. Milt lays great emphasis not only on design and function; the company also strives to be one step ahead. For this reason, all the materials mentioned above, used in these system partitions, are easy to separate and therefore also easy to recycle.

 A Wide Range of Possibilities

In terms of design, you have the choice of tens of different options. All-glass, wooden or aluminium door wings – in standard sizes or full-height. Classic or arched partition or the possibility of a glass skylight. To wood lovers, we also offer partitions with a prismatic wooden frame. Concealed peripheral profiles and hinges suit minimalistic interiors as they don’t interrupt the clean partition line. Last but not least, there is the choice of a single-wing or double-wing door, or of reverse wings. Their special structure allows the door to “blend in” with the doorframe, both are in one line and the overall impression is modern and luxurious. The individual options can be combined so that the partition is exactly to the client’s expectations.

The unique Design Door has been created for the system, flush with the partition. In reality, the door is nearly invisible and is not obvious. The door handle is the only visible part. Aluminium is sophisticatedly concealed between the glass panes.

Noise Stays Outside

The function of the Miltdesign 2.0 glass system is enhanced by improved sound insulation. Thus, you can rely on full acoustic comfort and quiet environment both in your usual office and your home office. The system is complemented by modern locks that can be magnetic, soundless and prevent unpleasant shocks. The ironwork also keeps up with the trends and allows finger touch opening. Moreover, Milt specialists can meet other atypical design requirements.

All the mentioned parameters show that an interior with a glass partition will be not only perfectly functional but also perfect to look at. Milt professionals install these solutions and they also develop and manufacture them, so they know every single detail. Apart from design glass partitions, the portfolio also includes mobile wallsfire partitionspartitions to production halls, and green and moss walls. In short, features that make spaces nicer to be, work and live in.


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