MiltDesign 2.0 glass partitions represent the latest trend in elegant space division. Current interior design is increasingly using just glazed walls as partitions. They are a clean, timeless solution and protect against unwanted noise.

Glass walls are a great choice for modern office design, representative business premises, medical facilities and other places where the goal is to divide the room into different parts and thus provide users with sufficient privacy, acoustic insulation while keeping the space visually open.

The uniqueness of MiltDesign 2.0 glass partitions lies in the uniform design, where at first glance you can see glass walls without vertical columns, cover strips, with a minimum number of joints in the aluminium construction. Thanks to the absence of vertical columns, both between the individual modules and in the perpendicular and oblique connections of the glazed partitions, the whole space looks integrated and unified. The assembled MiltDesign 2.0 partition system is made of aluminium perimeter profiles. These provide the possibility of installing installations such as high current, low current, terminal elements MaR, VZT, etc.

Why choose MiltDesign

Glass wall door modules can be all-glass, wooden or aluminium. We supply single-leaf or double-leaf doors, including a drop bar and a super-panel, which can be moved manually to a photocell. The door can be in standard dimensions or full height. Hidden perimeter profiles and hinges do not look good for minimalist interiors, which do not disturb the clean line. The special construction allows the door to be "merged" with the door frame in one line, so the whole looks modern and luxurious. The individual options can be combined and form a dividing wall exactly following your idea.

It is this prefabricated system of glass walls that enables future layout changes. If you decide to make changes, you can easily redesign the modules themselves and the entire layout. System-adjustable partitions have higher demands on accuracy in production, during the assembly of the partitions themselves, but also on the accuracy and readiness of the construction openings in which the system is installed. This makes the installation of the glass partitions quick and dust-free.

Acoustic insulation

The functional side of the MiltDesign 2.0 glass system is complemented by acoustic insulation. With double glazing in a thickness of 10 or 12 millimetres and ESG / VSG glass, the noise barriers achieve certified soundproofing of 40-47 dB. You can rely on complete acoustic comfort and an undisturbed environment. In addition, the entire system is complemented by modern locks, which can be magnetic, noiseless and do not cause unpleasant impacts. The fittings come with trends and offer the possibility of opening with the touch of a finger.

Technical Specifications

The above parameters guarantee that the interior with a glass partition will be perfectly functional and perfect for looking. MiltDesign 2.0 glass partitions are a clean, design solution protecting against unwanted noise. Glazed partitions are part of current trends in interior design. 

Technical details

Module width100 - 1300 mm100 - 1300 mm
Partition height≤ 3200 mm≤ 3000 mm
Partition thickness100 mm100 mm
Soundproofing (Rw)40 - 47 dB44 - 48 dB


Catalogue MiltDesign Download
MiltDesign 2.0 door modules catalog MiltDesign Download

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