Moss walls and pictures

Mummified moss is maintenance free. It is a live moss stabilized using a preservative. The moss can remain in a beautiful and fresh condition for 10-15 years. You do not need to water it, trim it or wet it since it is not live anymore, it just looks like it. The moss does not need care as plants do. It just needs to be lightly dusted using a dust cloth or a low-temperature hairdryer. The moss should not be installed near heat sources in the room and it should not be exposed to direct sunlight (it is not resistant to UV radiation).

We work with moss mounds, flat moss and lichen.

lichen is used in the same way moss is, on large wall areas or pictures. This soft and flexible moss fits well with modern materials. It is a symbol of the contemporary environmental thinking. Several colors with various hues.

Mound moss
is bulging, thus creating an interesting structure of walls and pictures, which we create with it. It is a good idea to light it with LED light fixtures, by the means of which we underscore its structure and show its 3D effect. Small color deviances demonstrate that it is a natural product, they do not represent product defects.

stabilized moss is usually used as a basefor the mound moss. These two types can be combined based on customer requirements. Flat moss in combination with mound moss creates distinctive relief surfaces.

Apart from the already common design based on a combination of various moss types, we also implement moss walls and pictures in arrangements with preserved plants.

We offer almost endless combination and design options. The know-how related to the moss material and floristic craft allows for creating completely unique works (such as company logos made of moss).

Technical details

  • Natural
  • Maintenance-free
  • It creates a pleasant and comfortable climate
  • Indicator of the current air humidity
  • Acoustic insulation

Mound moss

Flat moss

Lichen moss


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