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FireBo frameless glazed firewalls are an excellent choice for modern spaces. The goal is to divide the room, ensure fire resistance, and leave the area sufficiently visually open and acoustically insulated. FireBo firewalls with frameless glass connections will captivate with a uniform surface without being disturbed by vertical elements and give the space an optical magnification and a representative appearance.

In the case of so-called frameless fire barriers consisting of several glass panels, the anchoring of the glass can be covered with a metal profile or wooden cladding. The frame design also makes it possible to hide the ceiling anchoring profile entirely in the fire dividing structure of the building opening and thus achieve visually clean details. It is only an optical closure of the piece, which does not directly affect the fire resistance of the firewall. Non-flammable silicone perfectly replaces the absence of posts and frames for connecting glass panels. Due to this fact, it is possible to produce completely transparent firewalls with a height of up to 3.6 meters and unlimited length.

FireBo frameless firewalls are fire-resistant and smoke-tight. They meet all legal requirements for implementing fire shutters in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Firewalls are fireproof, smokeproof and certified according to European standards. FireBo firewalls with frameless glass connections have a glass thickness of 16 or 25 mm and meet the fire resistance from EI15 to EI60 min, which prevents the spread of fire from 15 min to 60 min.

The doors can be single-leaf or double-leaf with the option of a skylight and side skylights. Fire doors can be supplemented with accessories such as a drop rail, sill profile, fittings, panic bar, self-closing, opening coordinator, openers, an electro-hydraulic drive of wing doors, connection to EPS, etc.

Why choose FireBo firewalls with frameless glass connection

Technical details

Wall typeFireBo 75
Fire resistanceEI15-EI60 min
Partition height (max.)3600 - 5400 mm
The thickness of the glass pane16/ 25 mm
Partition thickness75 mm
Soundproofed (Rw) (according to the type of glass)38-41 dB
Fire- and smoke-resistantANO
Maximum door clearancesingle wing 1090x2389 mm
double-winged 2200x2389 mm

FireBo 75 fire partitions - without aluminum vertical posts between individual glass panes.

Horizontal section of the frameless FireBo 75 fire barrier and door module.


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