MiltWood G-1

MiltWood G-1 wood-glass partitions will ensure elegant division and soundproofing of any space. They consist of single glazing inserted into a handmade wooden frame, which you can perfectly harmonize with the surroundings thanks to a large number of available decors. The absence of visible joints gives the partitions a luxurious, timeless look and quickly become a functional interior decoration.

Single-glazed glass walls are ideal for offices, corporate premises and other places to divide the space into different parts and ensure sufficient privacy for employees or clients. Wooden partitions bring an element of nature and cosiness to the working environment. Wood and natural colours perfectly complement the glass walls and make the interior cosy.

Wooden partitions with MiltWood G-1 single glazing have a handmade wooden frame and superficial glazing thickness of 10 or 12 mm with glass type ESG, Connex, Stratophone. The glass connection can be glued without columns in the MiltWood 40 G-1 model, where the effect is formed by a uniform design. At first glance, you can see glass walls without vertical columns, cover strips with a minimum number of joints. Thanks to the absence of vertical columns, both between the individual modules and in the perpendicular and oblique connections of the glazed partitions, the whole space looks integrated and unified. The second possibility of connecting the glasses in the wooden partition MiltWood 100 G-1 are dividing posts. The surface treatment of the profiles can be laminate or veneer, where you can choose from a wide range of decors.

The prefabricated wooden wall system with MiltWood G-1 glazing allows easy layout changes. You can change the fillings of the modules, for example, instead of glass to have an entire wooden partition. However, you can also change the disposition of the wood of the glass partitions. The initial installation is quick, and often, thanks to the handmade wooden frames, we can compensate for inaccuracies in the construction openings.

Acoustic insulation

The acoustic insulation of the MiltWood G-1 wood-glass system is sufficient for the quiet regular operation of offices and representative spaces. With simple glazing in a 40-millimetre thick partition, the prefabricated walls achieve 34-37 dB certified airborne soundproofing. In addition, the entire system is complemented by modern locks, which can be magnetic, noiseless and do not cause unpleasant impacts.

You can choose from a wide range of door modules from solid, where the surface can be laminate or veneer, reliable with a panel, all-glass or glass with a wooden frame. The wooden frame allows the door to be "merged" with the wooden door frame in one line, so the whole look modern and elegant. Of course, there is a choice between single or double doors.

Why choose single glazed wooden partitions MiltWood G-1:

All the mentioned features of single glazed wooden walls MiltWood G-1  guarantee that the interior with a wood-glass partition will be perfectly functional and perfect in your interior. Wood-glass partitions are elegant and create a separate and quiet environment. Current interior design is increasingly using wooden frames and natural colours for partition walls so that an element of nature is present in the work and corporate environment.

Technical details

Wall type:MiltWood 100 G-1MiltWood 40 G-1
Partition height (max.)3,000 mm3000 mm
Glass pane thickness10, 12 mm10, 12 mm
Glass pane composition1x 10/12 mm1x 10/12 mm
Partition thickness100 mm40 mm
Doorframe thickness100 mm80 mm
Sound reduction index Rw32–37 dB34-37 dB
Glass typeESG 10/12
Connex 55.1/55.2
Stratophone 55.1/55.2
ESG 10/12
Connex 55.1/55.2
Stratophone 55.1/55.2
Profile structureCore  - Surface:Core  -    Surface:
 DTD - laminateMDF+ aluminium - veneer 
 DTD - veneer DTD+ aluminium - laminate

Vertical sections of wooden partitions with single glass MiltWood 100 G-1.

Horizontal cuts with MiltWood 100 G-1 system with single glass.

Interior fittings on a wooden frame are tuned to detail. More in the project Office Shared project.

Vertical sections of wooden partitions with single glass MiltWood 40 G-1.

Horizontal cuts with MiltWood 40 G-1 system with single glass.

Clean design of MiltWood wooden frames with single glazing.


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