FireBo frame

FireBo frame firewalls are a significant interior element when creating a fire shutter and separating the two places. In contrast to the classic massive partitions, the glazed firewalls are light, airy, aesthetic, impressive, and above all, functional and safe solutions. Frame fire partitions meet strict fire resistance and acoustic insulation standards and allow you to install large and complicated construction openings thanks to their construction.

The frame design has aluminium vertical posts between the individual glass panes. The advantage of the system of frame partitions is the wide variability of modules, where the wall height can be up to 4 meters, the location of the expansion profile up to 6 meters and the thickness of the partition from 75 mm to 90 mm. The thickness of the glass panel and other dimensions vary according to the type of FireBo firewall. According to RAL, the partition frame are anodised or painted aluminium. We can install safety glass clean, milky or with a graphic motif that complements the look of the office or operation.

FireBo frame partitions are fire-resistant and smoke-tight. They meet all legal requirements for implementing fire shutters in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Fire barriers are fireproof, smokeproof and certified according to European standards. FireBo frame firewalls meet fire resistance according to the thickness of the partition, where they all start with fire resistance EI15, and each type achieves a different maximum level of fire resistance, which prevents the spread of fire from 15 minutes to 120 minutes.

The doors can be single-leaf or double-leaf with the option of a skylight and side skylights. Fire doors can be supplemented with accessories such as a drop rail, sill profile, fittings, panic bar, self-closing, opening coordinator, openers, an electro-hydraulic drive of wing doors, connection to EPS, etc.

Why choose FireBo frame firewalls

Whatever type of FireBo frame firewall you choose, it will meet high safety and fire requirements, as well as the desire for a tasteful, elegant element of your interior.

Technical details

Types of wallsFireBo 75FireBo 90
Fire resistanceEI15-EI60 minEI15-EI120 min
Partition height (max.)4000-5400 mm4000-5400 mm
Thickness of the glass pane16/25 mm60 mm
Partition thickness75 mm90 mm
Soundproofing Rw (according to the type of glass)38-41 dB43 db
Fire- and smoke-resistantANOANO

Frame glazed fire partitions FireBo75 with AL profiles between the glazed panels.

Horizontal section of the FireBo 75 fire frame and door module.

Frameless design of the FireBo 75 fire partition with a detailed view of the connection at the ceiling with recessed profile. The door leaf in the version with a skylight is fitted with a silver hinged self-closing device.


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