MiltWood Aluminium 100 G-2

MiltWood Aluminum 100 G-2 partitions are double-glazed interior partitions laminated with veneer. Thanks to the aluminium frame, it guarantees high durability and, with a large selection of surfaces and shades, is a stylish addition to the interior.

Double-glazed partitions in an aluminium-coated frame are suitable for dividing space into smaller soundproofed offices, medical facilities or representative places. You need to divide the room into parts and provide employees or clients with undisturbed privacy. Wooden decors and natural colours complement the glass walls and make the interior and working environment cosy.

Veneer laminated aluminium frames contain double glazing 10 or 12 mm, with glass type ESG, Connex, Stratophone. The veneer-laminated aluminium profile increases the strength of the entire structure, prolongs its service life and allows you to create an exclusive design. The glasses' connection in the MiltWood Aluminum 100 G-2 interior partition is by dividing posts. The surface treatment of the profiles can be laminate or veneer, where you can choose from a wide range of decors. In addition, you can choose from a large number of available decors and harmonize the walls with the surroundings.

The MiltWood Aluminum 100 G-2 double-glazed partition system allows for layout changes, where you can change individual module panels by placing a solid wood panel instead of glass. It is also possible to change the layout of the glass partitions. The initial installation is quick and dust-free.

Acoustic insulation

The mounted MiltWood Aluminum 100 G-2 partition system has excellent acoustic insulation. Double glazing in a 100-millimetre thick partition achieves certified airborne soundproofing of 34-47 dB. In addition, you can complement the door modules with modern locks, which can be magnetic, noiseless and do not cause unpleasant impacts.

You can choose from a wide range of partitions for partitions, where the surface can be laminate, veneer or metal laminate, solid with a panel, all-glass or glass with a wooden frame. You have a choice between single or double doors.

Why choose MiltWood Aluminum 100 G-2 interior partitions:

Technical specifications

All the above parameters guarantee that the MiltWood Aluminum 100 G-2 glass partition interior will be perfectly functional and flawless at first sight. Glazed walls with wooden decor combine longevity, strength and the current trend of bringing natural elements into interiors.

Technical details

Types of wooden partitions:MiltWood Aluminium 100 G-2
Partition height (max.):3000 mm
Module width (max.):1200 mm
Partition thickness:100 mm
Sound reduction index Rw:34-47 dB

MiltWood Aluminium 100 G-2 - aluminum profile laminated with veneer.

Horizontal cut system with veneered profile.

The Al profile laminated with veneer increases the strength of the entire structure and allows you to create an exclusive design.


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