MilTech adjustable partitions are a popular choice for dividing the space of offices, operations and places where it is necessary to create a fully valuable private space with excellent acoustic insulation, good visual communication with the environment and modern design according to the latest trends. MilTech partitions are characterized by the connection of individual modules with a vertical aluminium column. This system allows you to combine different types of fillings, from glass, laminated boards, natural veneers, to metallic surfaces.

MilTech partitions are made of adjustable wall modules. These can be standard solid and glazed modules with a width from 100 mm to 1200 mm, up to a standard height of 3000 mm. However, we also know higher walls and tailor-made atopic solutions. The modules are connected by a vertical hidden thin-walled profile with a visible vertical aluminium profile 35 mm wide. They are supplemented by internal hidden beams to reinforce the internal structure of the full modules. The partition walls are anchored between the floor and the lowered coffered or plasterboard ceiling, possibly directly into the ceiling structure. Thanks to the modular system, the MilTech adjustable partitions are suitable for future layout changes. MilTech prefabricated partitions allow you to change the modules themselves and the entire layout. Assembly is quick and dust-free.

Why choose MilTech

Glass wall door modules can be all-glass, wooden or aluminium. We supply single-leaf or double-leaf doors, including a drop bar and a super-panel, which can also be moved manually onto a photocell. The door can be in standard dimensions or full height. Hidden perimeter profiles and hinges do not look well for minimalist interiors, which do not disturb the clean line. The specific construction allows the door to be "merged" with the door frame in one line, so the whole looks modern and luxurious. The individual options can be combined and form a dividing wall exactly following your idea.

The whole system is complemented by modern locks, which can be magnetic, noiseless and do not cause unpleasant impacts. The fittings come with trends and offer the possibility of opening with the touch of a finger. You can increase your privacy with the help of an internalized blind with a control wheel, a chain, an electric control or central remote control.

Acoustic insulation

The acoustic insulation of the assembled MilTech system for 5–6 mm ESG / VSG double glazing achieves verified certified soundproofing of 42–45 dB. Full soundproof walls achieve soundproofing of up to 48 dB. For projects with high requirements for the resulting acoustic insulation, we can reduce the elimination of sound transmission by performing sound crosstalk at the junction of the partition and ceilings and raised floors.

The surface finish and colour of MilTech glass walls will suit any interior. The glazed partitions can be made of special clear ClearVision glass, tempered glass ESG (heat-treated float glass), glued glass VSG (joined by elastic foil), enamelled or special coloured glass or glued glass with inner coloured foil. We can also produce printed glass (ESG), which is, after processing before hardening, printed with any motif using foils, sandblasting, digital printing, UV printing. For even greater privacy, we offer shading technology for glass walls in the form of horizontal blinds.

Module dimensions

MilTech adjustable glass partitions are the perfect choice for dividing the space of offices, corporate operations, medical facilities. You can choose MilTech partition walls from various modules that adapt to non-traditional requirements. Precise processing of glass walls, a wide range of surface materials, functional aesthetics of every detail will ensure high representativeness of your space. 

Technical details

Module width100 - 1200 mm100 - 1200 mm 
Partition height≤ 3000 mm≤ 3500 mm
Partition thickness100 mm100 mm
Soundproofing (Rw)42 - 45 dB42 - 48 dB
Vertical joint of modules with visible aluminium profileYesYes


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