High requirements on variability of indoor spaces may be solved by the ESPERO mobile walls. The walls are made of glass, solid or partially glazed modules and may be completed by door segments. The modular wall system will allow you to easily change the layout with minimum cost.

Advantages of use

Technical details

Parameters of walls and inner partitionsSONICO 100SONICO 110SONICO 120
Width of modules450 - 1300 mm450 - 1293 mm450 - 1293 mm
Height of modules (max)< 12000 mm< 7000 mm< 7000 mm
Thickness of modules100 mm110 mm120 mm
Sound insulation38-55 dB38-56 dB38-56 dB
Magnetic connection between contact 
vertical aluminum profiles
Vertical connection of modules with 
visible aluminum profile
Suspension of wall modulesone-point and two-pointone-point and two-pointone-point and two-point
Height25–47 kg/m230–56 kg57 kg
Module lockingelectric; manualelectric; manualelectric; manual
Module shiftmanualmanualmanual

Sliding wall type SONICO 100

Sliding wall type SONICO 100

Door fitting sliding walls SONICO


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