ESPERO Sonico sliding walls combine a functional, clever space-dividing solution with endless variability in partition design. It creates a practical and airy system that provides instant privacy and acoustic or thermal insulation like a classic partition wall. Mobile walls are barrier-free, safe and easy to use so that you can use them in schools, hotels, open offices and areas with the need for privacy and a representative appearance.

ESPERO Sonico sliding panels only need an upper guide rail, which runs smoothly and smoothly. There is no need for floor conductors, and, in addition, they have magnetic strips, and when inserted, they join to form a flat wall. With the patented Espero Quick system, the upper and lower acoustic seals can be extended and retracted by simply turning the removable control handle, ensuring easy and smooth operation. The semi-automatic Sonico model makes it even easier: the seals extend and retract only by pressing a button on the hidden control panel on the vertical edge.

We supply sliding partitions in various module widths from 450 to standard 1294 mm. Thanks to the aluminium frame construction and light sandwich construction, the height of the modules can reach up to 12 meters. Thanks to the wide range of surface colours, the mobile partitions elegantly complement any interior. You can choose pastel colours, wood decors, metallic surfaces, natural veneer and of course, there is the possibility of making any sticker with graphic printing. The practicality of the entire sliding system is also by the possibility of passing through the partition without the need to move the panels. You can choose a door with one wing or two.

ESPERO Sonico sliding walls have airborne soundproofing certificates from 38 dB and 58 dB. Excellent acoustic insulation is through retractable acoustic seals at the top and bottom of the panels, soundproof rubber seals at the sides and the use of high-quality sound insulation materials in the meetings. We will be happy to advise you on the right level of sound insulation for your project.

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Technical details

Parameters of walls and inner partitionsSONICO 100SONICO 110SONICO 120
Width of modules450 - 1300 mm450 - 1293 mm450 - 1293 mm
Height of modules (max)< 12000 mm< 7000 mm< 7000 mm
Thickness of modules100 mm110 mm120 mm
Sound insulation38-55 dB38-56 dB38-56 dB
A magnetic connection between contact 
vertical aluminium profiles
Vertical connection of modules with 
visible aluminium profile
Suspension of wall modulesone-point and two-pointone-point and two-pointone-point and two-point
Height25–47 kg/m230–56 kg57 kg
Module lockingelectric; manualelectric; manualelectric; manual
Module shiftmanualmanualmanual

Sliding wall type SONICO 100

Sliding wall type SONICO 100

Door fitting sliding walls SONICO


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