The ESPERO Visio 100 sliding glass walls create an elegant, light-filled, flexible system with the perfect combination of transparency, design and function. Glazed sliding partitions combine the features of complete modules, such as safety and good acoustic insulation, with a luxurious element of glass that will add attractiveness to any interior.

The ESPERO Visio 100 sliding wall consists of individually glazed panels in the frame, which run smoothly and quietly along the ceiling guide rail. The individual panels are provided with profiles with magnetic strips, and when inserted into each other, they join and form a flat wall. The Visio 100 Elegant model moves the interior one class higher, with the glass flush with the lacquered frame on the inside. With the patented Espero Quick system, the upper and lower acoustic seals can be extended and retracted by simply turning the removable control handle, ensuring easy and smooth operation. The semi-automatic Visio 100 makes it even easier: the seals extend and retract at the touch of a button.

We supply sliding glass walls with various glass finishes so that the effect emphasizes the architectural intention of the interior. The glass can be etched, sandblasted, decorated with print or foil, ensuring a perfect fusion with the interior design. Visio 100 sliding panels might be equipped with horizontal blinds, ideal for conference or meeting rooms. For maximum transparency, choose a telescopic wall post. This ultra-small closing panel ensures that you get the full amount of glazing in your opening.

Visio 100 sliding glass walls meet the need to divide the room and maintain visual communication and acoustic insulation, reaching values from 42 dB to 50 dB. Acoustic insulation is achieved using extendable acoustic seals at the top and bottom of the panels, soundproof rubber seals on the sides and the use of various types of glass. We perform adequate sound crosstalk at the point of contact between the partition and the ceilings for higher soundproofing.

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Technical details

Parameters of walls and inner partitionsVISIO 100VISIO 100 ELITE
Width of modules450 - 1300 mm450 - 1293 mm
Height of modules (max)< 12000 mm< 7000 mm
Thickness of modules100 mm110 mm
Sound insulation38-55 dB38-56 dB
A magnetic connection between contact vertical aluminium profilesYesYes
Vertical connection of modules with 
visible aluminium profile
Suspension of wall modulesone-point and two-pointone-point and two-point
Height25–47 kg/m230–56 kg
Module lockingelectric; manualelectric; manual
Module shiftmanualmanual


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