MiltPro installations allow the creation of a new workplace in a hall, warehouse or production. The advantages of the modern modular construction of built-ins include easy adjustability, the possibility of changing the wall fillings, a favourable price and the speed of dry construction, thanks to which we do not have to stop operation during construction.

MiltPro built-ins will significantly improve the working environment in production halls, warehouses, logistics centres and other areas where you need an effective operations department and acquire new storage facilities, social facilities or an acoustically isolated administrative workplace. A built-in or control room can be a quiet and pleasant place for workers to work or relax. Thanks to the modular system, you can move, enlarge or reduce MiltPro installations in various ways over time.

The installation consists of a load-bearing structure covered with a walkable or non-walkable layer. The wall's construction is adjustable partitions with aluminium profiles and a light, thin-walled steel construction complemented by windows or doors. The installation of adjustable dividers ensures privacy at work while maintaining visual communication between employees. The fillings can be combined in various ways - solid partitions or glazed. For solid fills, chipboard with a laminate surface is most often used, easy to clean and has good mechanical resistance. 

The MiltPro installation can be single-storey or double-storey. We often try to implement the idea of the most efficient use of the building, where the interior space serves as an office and the roof of the floor as an open warehouse accessible from the production department. The interconnection of these parts is economically advantageous in connection with operating costs and will also have a positive effect on the aesthetic concept of the entire building. To significantly increase the acoustic insulation, we can use walls and ceilings for installations in a design that meets more stringent values.

Increased MiltPro built-ins
We implement MiltPro control rooms with the help of an increased reinforcing steel structure. We can create a new office space and at the same time use the floor plan of the area in the hall to the maximum extent. A part of the installation is always a one-armed or two-armed staircase allowing access to the raised floor. The higher level of the office floor will allow better control and overview of the employees sitting in the building about the course of events in the production or warehouse.

MiltPro two-storey built-ins
In the case of a requirement for maximum use of the built-up floor area, it is more appropriate to install it on several levels. The reinforcing structure can be either visible or hidden. The two-storey building includes at least one single-arm or two-arm access staircase. At the same time, the partitions provide workers with protection against production noise and, in the case of glazed modules, allow for clarity in the workplace.

Why choose MiltPro built-ins:

Technical details

Parameters of walls and inner partitionsGLASS PANELFULL WALLDOOR
Width of modulesstandardně 100 - 1200 mmstandardně 100 - 1200 mm
(až 1500 mm)
jednokřídlé 700, 800, 900 mm
dvoukřídlé 1600-3000 mm 
Height of modules< 4500 mm< 7000 mm2100, 2500, 3000, 3500 mm
Soundproofed (Rw)42, 45 dB44, 49 dB (až 52 dB)19, 22, 32, 40 dB
Partition thickness100 mm (Rw ≤ 49 dB)
170 až 230 mm (Rw ≥ 48 dB)


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