MilTech PRO

If you need to insulate or soundproof part of the production space, use MilTech PRO industrial partitions, an effective modular solution for dividing warehouses or production halls. Prefabricated walls for halls and warehouses allow easy and fast dust-free assembly with minimal impact on the environment during installation or additional modifications.

MilTech PRO industrial partitions are made of aluminium profiles, where you can choose an anodized, RAL or metallic Tiger finish. Module fillings are variable. Solid fillings can be plasterboard or fermacell boards with laminated Durafort vinyl foil, which we supply 250 colours. Prefabricated modular walls can have laminated board fillings in pastel colours and wood decors, veneered boards or metallic surfaces with internal sound insulation.

Glass fillings are suitable for visual communication with the production or warehouse, where we offer clear double glazing or single glazing. The possibility of sandblasted fillings, glueing with matt or coloured foil. For greater privacy, we also supply horizontal blinds with different control mechanics. The standard width of solid and glazed modules is 600, 1000, 1200 mm, but we can do reliable modules up to 1.5 meters wide and industrial glass walls with a horizontal division of up to 3 meters. The height is according to individual requirements.

We also install dividing partitions in halls or warehouses with door modules. You can choose single-leaf or double-leaf opening doors, manually sliding on a photocell, swinging. MilTech PRO partition wall door modules are manufactured in standard and atypical dimensions.

The acoustic insulation of MilTech PRO partitions in industrial plants varies according to the thickness of the partition wall, where the measured and certified sound insulation is from 42 dB to 49 dB. For higher demands on acoustic insulation, we can eliminate sound transmission through side paths when we create sound crosstalk at the point of contact between the partition and suspended ceilings and raised floors.

Why choose MilTech PRO industrial partitions:

Technical details

Parameters of walls and inner partitionsGLASS PANELFULL WALLDOOR
Width of modulesstandard 100 - 1200 mmstandard 100 - 1200 mm
(up 1500 mm)
single 700, 800, 900 mm
double 1600-3000 mm 
Height of modules≤ 4500mm≤ 6000 mm2100 mm; 2500 mm; 3000 mm; 3500 mm
Partition thickness100 mm (Rw ≤ 47 dB)
170 až 230 mm (Rw ≥ 48 dB)
Soundproofed (Rw) 42, 45 dB44, 46d 47 (up 52 dB)19; 22; 32; 40 dB


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