Green walls

The GreenBo green walls represent an original and positive interior element from all perspectives. They reflect the current green trends in architecture.

Vertical green walls are natural energy stimulants, which positively affect the psyche of people in their proximity.


The wide range of the plants that are suitable for being grow hydroponically allows for creating customized collages for particular interiors. The light and temperature conditions, as well as air humidity in the given area need to be considered. The GreenBo green walls can be planted with already grown plants – a perfect visual effect is then achieved immediately after installation and transfer of the work. Let “real green” into your interior. GreenBo wall, planted with live plants, becomes not only a distinctive element, but it also creates an environment for you, your clients and employees, which will permanently and positively affect all your and their senses. We are ready to prepare a customize proposal for you based on your requirements.

Technical details

Irrigation system

Water is distributed via a distribution system using a pump with a mechanical refilling system. In an ideal case, connections to a water source and sewerage system are available. However, the irrigation system can be used even in combination with a manually refilled water reservoir, without the need of being connected to a water inlet and a discharge system. The irrigation system is switched on automatically using a timer.


One of the most important factors, which affect the vitality the GreenBo green wall is light. Only in exceptional cases have light interiors sufficiently good natural lighting conditions for successful growing of plants on vertical green walls. Using special light fixtures, which emit certain color spectrum, we can substitute the necessary sunlight components for the plants, thus ensuring their permanent beauty and prosperity. Lights with LED diodes with a light intensity of at least 600 lx are tiltable. They can thus be properly directed and can be embedded in or suspended from the soffit.

Growing system

The containers for growing plants are made of hardened PVC. The cheap alternative for growing plants uses geotextile. The plants are grown hydroponically in natural aggregate, without soil. This method significantly reduces the volume of insects, fungi, mildew and odor.


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