SkyFold, the electrical acoustic vertically sliding wall, is fully automatic and allows comfortable dividing of frequented conference rooms or representative meeting rooms while no demands are put on the floor regarding the parking modules. Quiet drive is hidden above the suspended ceiling as well as the ceiling part for the slid segments.

The SkyFold walls are made to measure, they can adopt to any environment – small or large, simple or complex. The space can be set and arranged within several minutes. The system is electricity-driven and may be activated by a simple key turn. All SkyFold walls are provided with a soundproofing system above the usual industrial standards.

Table of basic wall types

Skyfold sliding walls / Solid acoustic walls
  Skyfold Classic 51 Skyfold Classic 55 Skyfold Classic 60
Rw (system) 51 54 59
Rw (panel) 60 60 64
Max. height (mm) 11.000 11.000 8.535
Max. length (mm) unlimited unlimited unlimited
Weight (kg/m2) 34.2 37.1 46
Surface finish laminate laminate laminate
Skyfold sliding walls / Solid acoustic walls
  Skyfold Zenith 48 Skyfold Zenith 55 Skyfold Zenith 60
Rw (system) 47 54 59
Rw (panel) 55 60 64
Max. height (mm) 3.660 3.660 3.660
Max. length (mm) 14.600 14.600 14.600
Weight (kg/m2) 29.3 33.3 42
Surface finish laminate laminate laminate


Advantages of use

  • Requires minimum labour and maintenance
  • Quiet operation – the wall prevents noise from penetrating to neighbouring rooms
  • Due to the sophisticated design using smaller amount of steel, the SkyFold walls are lighter than most of the traditional systems
  • Wide range of materials and finishes which can be combined and adopted without any visible mechanisms and floor or ceiling rails
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